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Feel Better. Lose Weight. Live Longer. Exercise!

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Our current goal is 23,544 miles, which will take us to Americus, Georgia, home of Habitat for Humanity.

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Exersite Travelogue

DestinationAlong the WayMiles to DestinationCumulative Miles
Chicago, Illinois 71122,842
New York City, New YorkAtlantic Ocean3,46922,131
Madrid, Spain 85118,662
Rome, Italy 64517,811
Athens, GreeceMediterranean Sea69617,166
Cairo, Egypt 80616,470
Baghdad, Iraq 1,41815,664
Kabul, Afghanistan 99914,246
New Delhi, India 84113,247
Lhasa, Tibet 1,56512,406
Xian, China 56910,841
Beijing, China  58910,272
Seoul, Korea 7169,683
Tokyo, Japan 4,1058,967
Hilo, Hawaii Pacific Ocean 2,4144,862
Santa Monica, CaliforniaRoute 662,4482,448
Chicago, Illinois 00

Encouragement to exercise

From the forward of the 1996 Surgeon General's report on physical activity: ". . . more needs to be learned about what helps individuals change their physical activity habits and how changes in community environments, policies, and social norms might support that process."

Perhaps becoming a member of the Exersite community can help you increase your level of physical activity and thereby improve your life. Join Exersite today. Learn more in about Exersite and how to use Exersite.

What do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Women's Quest. Retreats for the body, mind and spirit.

Find an exercise partner

It is so much easier to get out there and work out when you have someone to work out and share your goals with. Don't get discouraged if your friends don't want to run, bike, hike or swim with you - just find new friends! That's what WomensExerciseNetwork is for. Co-ed.

Beth explains why she keeps track of her exercise

I live on a beautiful, large lake in Minnesota, and have just begun swimming 2 miles a day. I want to increase my distance, and have plans to swim quite a few miles in the future. I am 60+ and need to improve on my strokes as well as my times. It usually takes me an hour to swim a mile, however, when it gets darker earlier, as it is now, I can swim it in 45 minutes. When it gets too cold to swim in the lake, I'll do my workouts at the Y.
I love swimming and enjoy doing it. My doctor says this is the best exercise I can do for my lungs, as I have had a few respiratory problems in the past. Next year I hope to have someone follow me in a boat while I swim across the lake -- 5 miles or more!

Man's Best Friend is also a world-record marathon swimmer!

We who exercise regularly already know that we are more interesting than the rest of the crowd, but who knew that this can apply to our pets as well? You really should check out Ted and Umbra at Swimming Dog Videos. Umbra will especially appreciate it if you sign the guest book.

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